Version swapping made easy

Are you a user of Terraform? You are? Great. Khajitt has wares - if you have coin. Elder Scroll jokes aside - Let me tell you about tfswitch. This handy little application allows you to swap versions of Terraform used by your local system without having to uninstall/reinstall a specific version for a manifest.

Why would I want to use tfswitch?

  • A Version Control System triggers a webhook for a Terraform manifest that needs Terraform to be set to a specific version
  • The workflow and/or operator has to deal with using various versions (0.11 and 0.12)
  • You are sick of changing versions locally with homebrew, apt, or choclatey

Grab tfswitch via homebrew on macOS or other platforms linked at the end of this post.

Time to play switch-a-roo

List all Terraform versions

tfswitch -l                                                           ↵ INT
Use the arrow keys to navigate: ↓ ↑ → ←
? Select Terraform version:
  ▸ 0.12.19 *recent
    0.12.17 *recent
    0.11.14 *recent
↓   0.12.18

A list of all Terraform versions is displayed allowing for selection of a specific release.

Selecting a new version

✔ 0.12.19
Downloading to
Downloading ...
17101269 bytes downloaded.
Switched terraform to version "0.12.19"

When selecting a new version note that it will go off and download it.

Selecting an existing binary

tfswitch 0.11.12
Switched terraform to version "0.11.12"

If it already exists then it is a quick switch without the download. As you can see everything is neatly changed to the correct version.

Switching between with ease

terraform -v
Terraform v0.11.12

Switching back is just as easy

~ ❯ tfswitch 0.12.19
Switched terraform to version "0.12.19"
~ ❯ terraform -v
Terraform v0.12.19

This definitely beats installing specific versions or aliasing the binaries.

Using tfswitch

If you’re using Terraform Cloud or Terraform Enterprise then your workspace can be configured to consume a specific version of Terraform. If you’re not, save yourself some headaches and grab tfswitch.